Timeline Therapy, available in person & online

From the moment of conception through the whole of our lives we are gather energetic imprints based on our experiences.  These imprints can  even run through from past lives or our ancestry through the DNA.  Along with the imprints of joyful experiences, are many created through challenging or traumatic experiences. 

As these imprints travel through our energy body, they create repetitive negative behaviours.  Have you noticed how things just keep coming around until we finally choose to address them? 

​Life is a learning experience.  The universe brings us variations on a theme until we learn. Then it will bring new lessons until you develop a level of master where you can work in tandem with the universe as the conscious creator you were born to be.

Timeline Healing is an easy and effective approach to help you clear the negative imprints that hold you back from a happy and fulfilling life.