"A few intense sessions carried me through a dark and desperate point in my life and lifted me into the light and love again. Jaqui’s loving, accepting and non-judgmental guidance helped me recover the jewels from the dark pit to enrich my soul as well as my everyday life."

Nina, Germany (Skype-sessions)

"My session with you was so much more than I had expected. As well as feeling much lighter and that flow was at last restored, I was surprised by how my heart felt, and how, working with your energetic support, how easy it was to expand and connect with my higher self, another me in an alternate reality and my soul guidance.  This connection happened in my first session, but I did have a few more, partly because of the sheer pleasure of being in that state, but really to help me incorporate that sense of connectedness into my every day life.

Jonathan, Cheltenham

"I found Jaqui to be a wonderful healer, insightful and to the point. I felt her inner light come through her and as a healing force strongly through me, even at this distance healing. It was the most sensitive and loving experience. - With loving thanks,"

Olga, The Netherlands