Forest Bathing, Meditation Training

Forest Bathing

Recent experiences have highlighted just how important nature is to our sense of wellbeing.  Psychologists have known this for much much longer.  If you're unfamiliar with forest walks you may feel a little nervous embarking on one yourself, especially if you are going to immerse yourself in your senses and enter a new deeper state of being.

The only therapy not available online, sorry.  I live here in the beautiful Forest of Dean.  I know many out of the way places where you can luxuriate in the sounds, colours, smells, textures and clean fresh air.  Accompanied, shown the process and allowed to just enjoy, this can be a beautiful, deep and memorable experience, especially when you know you are being keep safe during the whole experience.

Meditation Training, in person & online

There is a huge array of meditation techniques and finding the ones that work for you can be a challenge.  Rather than giving up, why not get in touch for some one to one training based on who you are and how you work.  It IS worth the effort, it really is.