Conscious Connection, available in person & online


Have you heard that expression 'We are all one'

Can't quite sense into what it means? 

A focus on the self as a totally independent entity may have worked once upon a time, but developments in quantum physics, psychology, cosmology and biology over the last century now prove this to be a mistaken belief. 

If you're not feeling it, it's not because you aren't part of it, everyone and everything is. Time to uncover those connnections and bring that knowness it into your conscious awareness.


Drawing on a wealth of experience and a wide range of techniques, including timeline therapy, multidimensional healing, journeying, energy readings, clearing and rebalancing, sound & crystal therapy, I offer you a uniquely tailored approach specifically designed to meet your changing needs, to respond to your experiences, thought patterns and DNA and enable you to become that amazing empowered person you truly are.