An evolving journey

Over 20 years of conscious growth encompassing quantum physics, psychology, energy management and spiritual development.

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I recognised very early in my life that we are energy come together as matter. I assumed this recognition and sensitivity to energy was universal, and only discovered in more recent years that this sensing of energies wasn't common to everyone.  Energy is what our physical bodies are made from, it ignites the electrical impuses that lead to our thoughts, conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious and the the magnetic waves that create our emotions.Our energy field exists several feet outside our bodies too, and now, for many more evolved people, quite beyond that.

In my explorations of who we are, I gained a Science degree in Psychology, qualified as a Spiritual Healer (in practice for over 15 years), explored Mindfulness, meditation, cosmology, astrology, quantum mechanics, time, journeying and the Mayan Calendar.  I am awed by the sheer wonder of it all; our natural propensity to heal, how we shape and can reshape our thoughts and feelings, how things get stuck and we move into repetititive cycles until we learn what we need to know and can move on, how everything is connected and how we are very little different in our DNA to creates and plants.

Life is indeed a very magical journey if we choose to be believe it so, and I live in a state of open hearted amazement as this experience of life here on earth continues to unfold.