Conscious Connection, Spiritual Healing, Timeline & Multidimensional Therapy, Forest Bathing and Meditation Training (online and in person)

Not quite sure what's happening, where you are going, but sense the changing times and potential for inner growth?   Discover the true you working with Jaqui Fabian, a personal and spiritual growth specialist and teacher with over 20 years experience working with individuals and groups. 

Time to let go of fear, and step into the new consiousness.  I can help you:


-  realign your energy field and raise your vibration

-  adjust your belief system to fit the new energy

-  let go of old stories that block your progress

-  connect with your higher self and the cosmic web of universal consciousness.

-  feel balanced, guided and trusting in your own extended power


How will this feel:


-  you will find a strong sense of self within

-  you won't get swamped by the fear energy that prevails at the moment

-  you'll know what is yours, what is not

-  you can more easily access your inner wisdom, higher guidance and generally feel supported by the universe

-  you can find that 'bliss' feeling much more readily by just dropping into your heart.

A little investment in you right now to help you feel confident in yourself, happy and healthy.


T:  01594 861278 

M:  07919 851669